Todd Johnson

Fitness Journey

Education: Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology & Sports Management

Certifications: ACSM CPT; USAW

I have been working in the fitness and wellness industry for over 12 years. My first experience started off in a hospital setting utilizing more physical therapy and rehab with patients and clients. I then adjusted my focus on strength and conditioning/personal training. Currently I have been co-owner of 11athletics for almost 5 years.  

My love of sports and fitness started in high school.  I was a multiple sport athlete in track and soccer. I can remember loving the camaraderie of being part of a team and working together to become stronger as a unit.  Once we starting hitting the weight room I was addicted and knew this was something I was always going to be passionate about. I constantly wanted to learn more about the body and how to maximize results. This led me to double major in exercise physiology and sports management at MVNU. Upon graduation I gained a lot of experience at Dunlap Community Hospital in Orville.  I worked with physical and occupational therapists along with athletic trainers gaining knowledge for multiple facets of rehabilitation. Wanting to focus more on helping people with their fitness goals I moved to Columbus to become a personal trainer with aspirations of eventually opening my own gym. Fast forward 5 years and thanks to business partner and friend Brian Saunders we both were able to make this a reality and so began 11athletics.

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Fitness Advice

Don’t be intimidated or discouraged by weight-training/fitness because everyone has to start someplace.  Make sure you don’t jump right into an advanced workout take the time to learn proper movements and technique to avoid injury.  Above all don’t compare yourself to other people!! Everyone has their own fitness journey and abilities if you start comparing yourself you are already setting yourself up for failure.

Style of Training

Bodybuilding, strength & HIIT circuit training

Favorite Exercise

Back squat

Classes Taught

The Staple
Quote to Live By
“Don't limit your challenges, challenge your limits.”
— Jerry Dunn