The Staple

The Staple is a combination class that takes in account both Strength Training and body building. The Staple workout always begins with a strength movement such as a Squat, Deadlift or Bench Press. We teach methods to increase strength in these movements to improve performance and daily function. The next portion focuses on accessory movements to improve muscle quality, movement and strength in weak areas. We end The Staple with circuit or HIIT training to improve capacity, burn calories and elevate the metabolism.

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1 Hour

Upcoming Classes

09/10 - 6:00AM
Instructor: Johnny
04/03 - 5:30PM
Instructor: Johnny
04/04 - 10:00AM
Instructor: Jason

Sample Class

Warm up 3 rounds
150m row
20 db chest press
20 band pull aparts

Main lift bench press

Circuit #1
Pull ups

Circuit #2
8 min amrap
1 burpee
1 box jump
1 v-up
Add a rep to each exercise every round

75 band tricep extensions