At 11athletics we understand that strength is the primary factor for developing a stronger fitness level. Our 50 minute Strength classes emphasize sound technique and proper progression for developing functional strength. The latter part of the class focuses on developing your fitness level with a higher intensity workout that will get your heart soaring in a positive direction.


1 Hour

Upcoming Classes

04/04 - 9:00AM
Instructor: Jason
04/06 - 6:00PM
Instructor: Jason
04/08 - 6:00PM
Instructor: Johnny

Sample Class

Back Squat
Warm up 3 rounds
15kb swings
15 glute bridges
30 second plank

Main lift
Find a 1rm for safety bar box squat with 2 chains per side

Sumo Stance rdl 3 sets of 10

Walking lunges with db 4×8

Hamstring curl 3×20

Weighted straight leg sit ups 50 reps