Core & Conditioning

Core & Conditioning is a fantastic class developing lean muscle and cardiovascular endurance.  This hour class uses the latest concepts from Journal studies to optimize training time, develop core strength and create a post exercise metabolic burn.  This class is a great supplement to The Staple, The Remix and Yoga.


1 hour

Upcoming Classes

04/03 - 6:00AM
Instructor: Catarina
04/05 - 10:00AM
Instructor: Jason
04/06 - 7:00PM
Instructor: Catarina Orr

Sample Class

Warm-up: 3 rounds
* Hamstring High Kicks x10 per leg
* Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch x10 seconds per side
* Band Pull-apart x20
* Bear Crawl Forward x10 yards, Backwards x10 yards

Circuit #1: 8 minutes (complete as many rounds possible)
* Row 100 meters
* Slam Balls x10
* Slam Ball Push-ups x10
* Slam Ball Russian Twists x50 (25 per side)

Circuit #2: 10 minutes (complete as many rounds possible)
* Jump Rope x30 seconds
* Chin-ups xAMRAP
* Parallel Squat Hold x30 seconds
* Plank Shoulder Tap x20

Circuit #3: 12 minutes (complete as many rounds possible)
* Overhead Plate Carry x100 yards
* Front-loaded Walking Lunge x50
* Straight Leg Sit-ups x15
* Weighted Box Push x100 yards