11athletics November Athlete of the Month – Tony Njunge

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11athletics November Athlete of the Month – Tony Njunge

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Kenya

When did you become a member at 11athletics?

October 2014

What is your favorite part about 11athletics?

The atmosphere and community is second to none.

The trainers are very helpful. Safety comes first at all times. They constantly teach and demonstrate how to do various exercises safely while optimizing results. The gym members are very supportive. Everyone is valued, supported and challenged at 11athletics

What do you do when you are not at 11athletics?

I work alot. I also enjoy running and cooking

What are your favorite and least favorite exercises?

Favorite exercises are the power cleans and back squats. Least favorite exercise, squat thrusters of course

What motivates you during your workout?

Watching my classmates push hard and the realization that the only way out of the pain is to go through it. I am always looking forward to the “high” you get after a good workout although there are many days when we all lay on the turf totally smashed after a work out

What is something about you that we might not know?

11athletics is the first gym I ever set foot in. I was contemplating on joining crossfit right before I stumbled on the 11athletics I G page. I came out to try a class and was hooked after that.

If you could be any animal what would you be and why?

I wouldn’t mind being a wolf. They are great hunters. They have great endurance and stamina. They call hold the same speed for hours at a time when chasing their prey. I also love the Wolfman movie.

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